Kill Matilda Wants Revenge In New Video

Kill Matilda recently wrapped up a cross-Canada tour promoting their new EP, #Punk#Zombie#RocknRoll, and now have their cross-hairs on the video world. A little more than a month ago the band released the video for “Law Abiding Citizen,” and now they have a new one for “I Want Revenge.”

As a female-fronted band, Kill Matilda has a lot to overcome and a lot of stereotypes to break. No doubt, a constant barrage of female expectations or limitations will piss off any woman who takes her chosen profession with any degree of seriousness. So, with an angry voice and a guitar, Dusty Exner is expressing her rage in the song “I Want Revenge.” She also made sure that the video would live up to her angry lyrics, which she expressed to Exclaim:

Many music videos objectify women by having them doing or just generally being shown as things to be ogled, without personality or agency. I wanted this video to show that female aggression is every bit as sexy and powerful as that. Kill Matilda for me is all about breaking gender barriers in the rock and roll world because I love angry and loud music and I want to be accepted as a legitimate front person because I rock hard, not because a sexy girl is a novelty in a hard rock band.

The video, directed by Will Strawn, features the roller derby team the Terminal City Rollergirls, professional wrestler Audrey Bride, and other women showing their raw power.

Rock Hard \m/

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