The Drip Grind Hard On New EP + Show Dates

the drip band photo

the drip band photo

Washington-based grindcore maestros, The Drip, are just a few days away from the April 15th release of their debut EP with Relapse Records. As of today, the band has made a full EP stream of A Presentation of Gruesome Poetics available at Head on over and check it out. Who knows, something may stick to your consciousness.

the drip - gruesome poeticsUnfortunately, with 6 songs coming in at roughly 12 minutes, it feels like The Drip is throwing a bunch of songs, rife with frantically paced and killer riffs, hoping that something does stick in the minds of the listeners. Aside from a few moments in portions of some of the tracks, such as “Catalyst,” “Siren,” “Lash In, Lash Out” there’s very little to distinguish one song from the next.

Granted, there’s nothing wrong with throwing out a bunch of songs that sound very similar; the Ramones did it and it worked for them. Shit, a lot of bands do it, but there’s usually a hook that catches the listener. This is hook is what I’m not hearing on A Presentation of Gruesome Poetics.

Nonetheless, the musicianship is competent and there’s no doubt that a lot of heavy music fans will gravitate to the violent nature that The Drip exudes. I mean, c’mon, no one is wasting their time to take the 12 minutes to check them out.

A Presentation Of Gruesome Poetics will be released in North America on April 15th, preceded by its April 11th release in Germany and Benelux, and April 14th release in the UK, in digital, available at iTunes, and on CD and vinyl platforms, the first pressing of the wax with a B-side etching, available at

The Drip will launch A Presentation of Gruesome Poetics this Saturday, April 12th, at a show in their hometown, where they’ll also shoot an official video for one of the EP’s tracks. After that show, The Drip will hit the road on April 23rd, with Fuck The Facts, Ulcerate, and Capitalist Casualties, and more, with more widespread touring to follow.

The Drip Show Dates:

4/12/2014 Rays Golden Lion – Richland, WA (video shoot)
4/23/2014 The Hop – Spokane, WA w/ Fuck The Facts
5/04/2014 The Highline – Seattle, WA w/ Ulcerate
5/09/2014 The Hessian Lair – Richland, WA
5/17/2014 The Hop – Spokane, WA w/ Capitalist Casualties

Rock Hard \m/

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