The Misfires Celebrate College Life With “Macro Cunt” [VIDEO]

The Misfires are an Edmonton, Canada-based punk band, and they’ve just released the video for the track “Macro Cunt.” With chanting lyrics “blacked-out, blacked-out, blacked-out drunk today” they’ve devised a better, more accurate college anthem than “Closing Time” ever was. In the end it’s just a really good, fun punk song that maybe condemns the irresponsible behavior.

The track comes off the band’s debut six-song EP Songs About Stuff, released October 2013. Check out their other video for “Ours Is the Fury,” which we’ve previously posted.

The Misfires is a side project comprised of members All Else Fails (vocalist/guitarist Barrett Klesko and drummer Ryan Biggs) and members of Naked Beauty (bassist Justin Cruse) and Mervin Albyn (guitarist Kevin Burgess).

Songs About Stuff Track List:

1. Ours Is The Fury
2. Statues In The Sand
3. The Sultans of Skank
4. One More For The Grave
5. This Next Song Is Called Stephen Harper Is A Fuckin’ Fuck
6. Macro-Cunt

Rock Hard \m/

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