Black Tar Prophet Drops “Ring Of Buzzards” – New Album To Come

black tar prophet

black tar prophet

A three-minute track is way too fuckin’ short. “Ring of Buzzards” from Nashville bass-and-drum duo Black Tar Prophet is absolutely mind-blowing in its slow, fuzzed-out, heavy sludge. If there’s a sludge factory, Black Tar Prophets are president, CEO, CFO, and the guys on the line.

To hear what I’m talking about, head on over to to get a fine taste of droning sludge. Before you do, take their advice and pack your bong.

If “Ring of Buzzards” tripped your trigger, then you’ll also want to check out the previously released track, “Dethroned.”

Both tracks come from Black Tar Prophet’s upcoming full-length release, Deafen, via Domestic Genocide Records, on April 19th.

Black Tar Prophet only have a few show dates booked at the moment (see below), but promise that there are more to come.

Black Tar Prophet Show Dates:

4/25/2014 Springwater – Nashville, TN w/ Destroyer Of Light, Widower, Sovereign
5/03/2014 TBA – Evansville, IN w/ Gorgantherron
7/03/2014 Springwater – Nashville,TN w/ Fister, Forest Of Tygers, Sheep Shifter

About Black Tar Prophet:

Black Tar Prophet was spawned in 2011, in Nashville, by Greg Swinehart, then on drums, and former guitarist Mark Owen, with a simple desire to record low-quality demos of heavy riffs in Greg’s living room. The pair eventually left the living room jam sessions and recorded their debut LP, Note To Nod. Tracked and mastered in Swinehart’s shed, the record features one gargantuan 42-minute track of girthy riffs, feedback, and hostility. Following a short live excursion, Owen fled the band for personal reasons. Swinehart moved to bass and recruited drummer Erik Dever. Their enormous volume efforts proved effective and in 2012 the band joined forces with Atlanta sludge bringers, Crawl, for a split CD. The following year the band performed upwards of 60 shows throughout the Southern and Midwest regions, deafening unsuspecting ears one decibel at a time. In 2014, no one is safe.

Preorder Deafen at:

Rock Hard \m/

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