[PIC] Yell This! Wicked New Cannibal Holocaust Posters

Cannibal Holocaust Poster

Cannibal Holocaust Poster

Poster art is a beautiful thing. Is there a better way to decorate an office, a den, or kill room? You didn’t hear that last one.

What you’re seeing here are two versions of the debut poster from Grey Matter Art, a newly official licensed poster company. Working in conjunction with Grindhouse Releasing, artist Randy Ortiz has created a gorgeous poster for Cannibal Holocaust. His art depicts the horrors contained in the controversial film without bashing you over the head with it.

Cannibal Holocaust Poster

The new Cannibal Holocaust poster goes on sale Tuesday, April 8th, between 1:00 and 2:00 p.m. EST. Visit greymatterart.com for additional details.

Artist: Randy Ortiz
Size: 24”x36”
Regular Edition: 250/$45.00
Variant: 125/$55.00
Printed By: The Half & Half
Paper:Regular/French Paper Construction Grout Gray 100# Cover
Variant/Speckletone Cream 80# Cover

Ortiz had this to say about the poster and his passion for the film:

I was a somewhat strange kid growing up. I had a morbid curiosity and was incredibly fascinated with the world of underground pseudo snuff cinema. I always kept this to myself and never shared the fact I had bootleg VHS tapes of classics such as Flowers of Flesh and Blood, the Faces of Death series, and Men Behind the Sun. Looking back at these films as an adult, one could argue the disgusting brutal nature of these films in comparison to Cannibal Holocaust are far and beyond, but for some reason it doesn’t feel that way to me. Even after all these years, I still find Cannibal Holocaust to be very unsettling to watch. The incredibly offensive and controversial scenes drape over a powerful message about what we perceive as ‘reality’ in the media and that we should seek truth farther beyond what is presented to us. I feel that message is still important to this day. A film crew fabricating a village slaughter who end up paying the ultimate price is something I wanted to capture in my poster as opposed to doing a rendition of the straight forward “impaled girl” that the film is most known for. I feel going this route pays tribute to the more underlying story Ruggero Deodato wanted to convey to his audience. It’s a crazy film that is definitely not for the majority, but it still is one of the few films out there that has left a lasting, scarring impression on me.

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