Comeback Kid – Die Knowing (Album Review)



Artist Comeback Kid Album Die Knowing Year Released: 3 March 2014
Label Victory Records Genre Hardcore

You know those albums that get going with a killer riff and has you saying “Holy shit” within the first minute and then it’s nothing but disappointment? This ain’t one of those albums.

No, Die Knowing (released 3 March 2014), the follow-up to 2010’s Symptoms + Cures, is a wrecking ball of destruction. This is one of those albums you instantly fall in love with and don’t want to ever stop listening to. It’s a chasm of thrash metal and hardcore that you won’t want to escape. Yes, this onslaught of heavy metal riffs, hardcore throat ripping, and sing-along chanting choruses is something you do not want to miss. Either Comeback Kid took a page from the book of perfection or they sold their souls at the crossroads for what’s on Die Knowing. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with this album.

In one breath, this is everything hardcore was meant to be and it stands as the new benchmark for everything that follows. In many ways, it feels like the rebirth of the genre.

Purchase Die Knowing: CD – $8.00 or MP3 – $9.49

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The album, which continues in the direction Comeback Kid has been going, opens with the title track, which is a slow and deliberate metal chug combined with a big conjuring drum sound. The short two-minute track only has vocals for the last minute, but the whole thing feels like a summoning of the heavy metal and hardcore gods.

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Once “Die Knowing” is finished, you’ll be impressed and maybe standing cross armed thinking, “Yeah, do that again.” Next thing you know, “Lower the Line” has put you flat on your ass as it charges at you with rapid-fire riffing reminiscent of early thrash metal and classic punk work on the snare. While “Lower the Line” features a couple of ear-gasm inducing breakdowns, it’s still not the best Die Knowing has to offer. (Note that there’s nothing here that’s not good.)

Standout tracks for me include “Losing Sleep (ft. Poli Correia),” “Should Know Better,” “I Depend, I Control,” “Somewhere in This Miserable…,” and “Beyond.” More than the others, these tracks seem to capture the essence of what’s going on here. Bass lines that sound like Dave Ellefson, full-force hardcore, big crunching guitars, great vocal melodies and perfect vocal delivery… If you like metal and hardcore, these songs will speak to you.

Losing Sleep by Comeback Kid on Grooveshark
Should Know Better by Comeback Kid on Grooveshark
Somewhere In This Miserable… by Comeback Kid on Grooveshark

Die Knowing Track Listing:

1. Die Knowing
2. Lower the Line
3. Wasted Arrows
4. Losing Sleep (ft. Poli Correia)
5. Should Know Better*
6. I Depend, I Control
7. Somewhere in this Miserable…
8. Beyond
9. Unconditional
10. Didn’t Even Mind
11. Full Swing (ft. Scott Wade)
12. Sink In

The Verdict:

It’s so easy for a metal or hardcore band to find that one thing that works and then beat on it till it’s broken. Die Knowing doesn’t do that. Every song has its own thing to offer while Comeback Kid has drawn a circle for all these elements to operate in. There are countless things to get excited about this album. You’ll get weak in the knees when you hear the thrash riffs, the hardcore drumming, the classic metal bass lines, and, of course, the well-timed, well-placed, and not overdone breakdowns. *Die Knowing will definitely be part of your summer rotation.

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