Pyrrhon Streams “Invisible Injury” – Psychiatric Hospitals Now Over Capacity

pyrrhon - invisible injury

Pyrrhon‘s new track, “Invisible Injury,” swings on a pendulum with chaos at one end and doom on the other. To fully appreciate what’s going on, you’ll be required to listen to the whole thing. The track starts of abrasive, and, depending on your tastes, you might want to turn it off. I recommend that you don’t, because as the chaos looses it’s way, delving into what sounds like a 12 year old warming up on his bass, everything returns to head with a short breakdown dominated by guitar and then a more structured anarchy. To close out “Invisible Injury,” Pyrrhon unleashes a masterful chapter of doom metal. As a whole, this is an addictive track.

“Invisible Injury” is streaming at:

Hailing from NYC, Pyrrhon are weeks away from the April 1st release of The Mother Of Virtues, which is already garnering stellar reviews in heavy metal circles.

Pyrrhon played at SXSW this year, and they’re quickly approaching the end of their North American tour. There is, however, still a few dates left to catch them and their hometown peers, Psalm Zero.

Pyrron Live Assaults 2014 [remaining dates]:

3/19/2014 Berkley Front – Berkley, MI w/ Coffin Feeder, Writhing
3/20/2014 Smiling Moose – Pittsburgh, PA w/ Dendritic Arbor
3/28/2014 Trans Pecos – Brooklyn, NY Joint Record Release w/ Stern, Penchant

Rock Hard \m/

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