5FDP Tease “House Of The Rising Sun” Video

five finger death punch - house of the rising sun

Five Finger Death Punch have teased the video for their cover of The Animals’ “House of the Rising Sun.” The video will officially drop on March 24th, and while Loudwire is calling the video a “Mad Max-like short film,” I’m calling it a post-apocalyptic piece of radioactive crap. Of course I’m biased and basing my opinion mostly on 5FDP’s mutilation of the classic song. Check out the teaser clip:

Apparently, 5FDP are also aspiring horrible filmmakers along with being a horrible band. Accompanying the teaser video on their Facebook page is the following statement:

This video was an experiment, the initial steps toward something we always wanted to do…make a full length movie…if it happens, tag a friend in the comments below that you think would be a great fit for the cast.

Does anyone care?

Rock Hard \m/

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