Epistasis: Pretentious Descriptions Aside, This Young Band Destroys


As I began reading the press release concerning Epistasis‘ upcoming release, Light Through Dead Glass, and its most recent promo track, “Witch,” I thought to myself that this was a bucket load of pretentious crap. Without reading further than the first paragraph, I went directly to nocleansinging.com to hear it. I’ve embedded it here for your convenience.

Now that you’ve heard it, let’s talk briefly about Epistasis and “Witch.” What can be said is that, as the press release informs, it is rich with Black Metal undercurrent, it’s full of melancholic beauty, it’s devastating and powerful, chaotic, and creepy. Yes, the vocals and ethereal trumpeting from Amy Mills will make you feel like you’re witnessing a virginal Satanic sacrifice.However, what’s been neglected is the jazz element. My take-away value from “Witch” is that it’s a Black Metal jazz song. The shifts between droning heaviness, frantic riffing, and haunting trumpets and bass lines, definitely indicate a jazz influence.

Given all that, it’s still avant garde, but not so pretentious. Let us know what your take on Epistasis’ “Witch” is in the comments section below.

What follows is the press release, but I’d like to point out the detail about the record release show that Epistasis is playing at The Acheron in Brooklyn, New York, on April 6th. Support is coming from Kayo Dot, Pyrrhon, and White Suns.

Rock Hard \m/

New York City-based avant metal harbingers, EPISTASIS, will release their latest sonic explorations in the form of Light Through Dead Glass, the six-movement mini-album slated for digital and CD release on April 1st via Crucial Blast. Emitting their own specialized, unclassifiable mangling of influences into a swirling and chaotic, devastating and yet beautiful entity of resonance. As the release date for Light Through Dead Glass creeps ever closer, another preview of its distinctive damagability has been made readily accessible by the obvious EPISTASIS devotees at No Clean Singing, through a premiere of the track, “Witch.”

“By shifting their direction after already establishing a unique sound, EPISTASIS have become purveyors of a highly varied and unpredictable strain of experimental black metal unlike anything I’ve ever heard. If Light Through Dead Glass doesn’t show up on numerous year end lists, I quit,” states the review of the EP accompanying the exclusive track stream, continuing of the “Witch” track specifically, “The droning chasm of the first portion of the song will leave you completely unprepared for the split-second shift into a pitch-black feral assault, one that teems with caustic bile-spewing screams, slithering riffs, and destructive drumming.”

Listen to “Witch” and more at No Clean Singing RIGHT HERE.

Also hear the previously released “Finisterre” at Invisible Oranges AT THIS LOCATION.

As EPISTASIS continues permeating their surroundings with material from the new record, the band has confirmed a hometown release show for Light Through Dead Glass just days after its street date. The band will headline The Acheron in Brooklyn on Sunday, April 6th, joined by fellow locals and friends, Kayo Dot, White Suns, and Pyrrhon, the latter of which shares the same drummer. Preorders for the CD and digital platforms are now available HERE.

EPISTASIS Record Release Show:
4/06/2014 The Acheron – Brooklyn, NY w/ Kayo Dot, Pyrrhon, White Suns [info]

EPISTASIS unites guitarist Kevin Wunderlich, bassist Doug Berns, drummer Alex Cohen (also of avant-death metallers, Pyrrhon, and tech-death legends, Malignancy) and Amy Mills on vocals and trumpet, Mills having also contributed trumpet parts on new albums from Castevet and Psalm Zero. Light Through Dead Glass was recorded by Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Swans, Unsane), showcasing the band’s ongoing evolution into something darker than before, the music shifting from passages of moody, understated atonal melody into blasts of frostbitten discordant blackness and lurching, angular riffage.

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