Nergal Of Behemoth Thinking About A Solo Project

nergal - behemoth

Do we need another Behemoth album sans Behemoth? Don’t worry; that’s not what you’ll get if Nergal does put together a solo project. What you will get, however, is something “dark and sinister” and “exactly the opposite [to] Behemoth.”

Would you be interested in hearing a solo effort from Nergal?

At least that’s what Behemoth frontman/songwriter said in a recent interview with Metal Shrine. When asked if there could ever be a Nergal solo album, Nergal said:

Yeah, I´m thinking about it. I’ve been thinking about it for years now. What I need now is to balance myself with something that’s gonna be exactly on the opposite side of Behemoth. You would never ever see me doing a black metal, death metal, or metal project. I put all my energy into Behemoth, so to balance my life I’d really need to do a really stripped down and primal sound. What I’m thinking about is probably just one or two male vocals, some acoustic guitars and maybe a bass drum only.

Nergal further said that he does have some demos ready and that the sound he’s going for is like “16 Horsepower and Wovenhand and that kinda stuff.”

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Behemoth’s latest offering, The Satanist, has charted higher than any other previous album from the band, which surprises Nergal:

I think the title can actually shut some doors for us because it’s so radical and it’s really a ‘fuck off’ title. It’s like ‘Fuck it! This is it!’ For me, there are so many layers of it. I guess that when common people hear it for the first time, the first thing they feel is fear. But the western media also somehow feel very attracted to it, which is weird.

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