The Walking Dead, Season 4 – “Inmates”

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This episode should have been the mid-Season return episode instead of last week’s “After.” This, combined with a simmered down Rick-Carl-Michonne storyline. First, because dedicating an entire episode so that Carl can whine like a bitch was too much to handle. Second, the pacing was better in “Inmates” and we could have moved on to the new threat/danger sooner.

At least now that we know where most everyone is at we can move forward.

An awful lot happened in this episode that hopefully gets addressed or resolved. At the top of my list is Lizzie. It seems I’m being proven right by calling her “Crazy Lizzie” in my discussion of the “Internment” episode earlier this Season. This time around her psycho parts considered suffocating baby Judith in order to shut her up after dealing with a crying baby in a Walker-infested wasteland. While Lizzie and Mika stood back-to-back with Walkers approaching and a gun-wielding Mika unable to hit the side of a barn, we have to wonder just exactly how they came to safety at Tyreese’s side once again. In other words, when exactly did Carol show up to their rescue and did she see Lizzie attempting to smother baby Judith?

She’s Back!

the walking dead carol and tyreese
And, yes, Carol is back. Interesting how she’s been grouped with Tyreese and her uncomfortable lies were hilarious. Oh, sorry, was it not meant to be. Christ, just let the other shoe drop on that storyline and let’s get it done with. Rick’s going to be surprised, but since the tribe and prison group are splintered, I’m sure he’ll welcome her back. He might, however, stipulate that she tells Tyreese of what really happened to Karen.

This Tyreese/Carol group is given direction to a safe haven by a recently bitten person. And who were these people? Were the prison residents? Or another group of survivors? Was Carol teamed up with them? And if so, why would this guy just tell her of this place now?

Anyway, they follow the man’s instructions to stick to the train tracks and eventually come to a sign that reads, “sanctuary for all, community for all. Those who arrive survive.”

Carol Concerns

Has she been alone in the woods or did she find another group that has since perished? Does anyone find it unlikely that she survived for so long on her own, considering how infested with Walkers the woods seem? Why hasn’t she come across this sanctuary on her own before now?

Daryl is on the run with Beth and his story took a backseat to Beth’s diary writings. Not much really happened here, which is a shame, but at least they’re hot on Rick’s trail and will likely regroup with him next week.

Hellbent for Glenn

the walking dead maggie
Maggie is hellbent to find Glenn, whom she believes escaped on the bus. Her mission is so tunnel-visioned that she was willing to ditch Bob and Sasha to go on her quest alone. She’s being quite reckless, which I’m betting will lead to either Bob’s or Sasha’s death. Please let it be Sasha: She’s far less interesting than Bob and it will really push Tyreese over the edge. If you’ve been reading my Walking Dead discussions, then you know how deeply I hate Tyreese.

Glenn Has Superpowers

Glenn, well, he didn’t escape with the bus. He got off to try to find Maggie as everyone scattered. Still weak from his virus infection (as aspect of the story that’s been prematurely swept under the carpet), Glenn wakes up on the edge of a crumbling prison wall with Walkers champing at the bit to reach him. After going back to his cell for his riot gear and various other survival items, he makes a huge escape, running through a horde of Walkers like he’s a Pro Bowl running back. How the hell was he able to do that in his weakened state? Remember that it was just the day before in the timeline that he received medicine when he was at the brink of death! Adrenaline is powerful, but is it that powerful?

On his way out he saves and teams up with Tara, one of the Governor’s soldiers (remember, she was the cop). She’s remorseful at least, realizing that the prison population was made up of good people, but Glenn is fairly wary, making sure she knows the difference between his “wanting” her help and his “needing” her help. I predict that her role will become increasingly important in this Season and that she’ll save Glenn on more than one occasion — as she’s already done.

A New Threat

At the end of the episode we encountered some more new people, or potentially the next threat, just after Tara saved an unconscious Glenn from Walkers. This new group of three have a military vehicle and are dressed accordingly. Pumped up from the fight that just happened, Tara shouts at them, “Hope you enjoyed the show, assholes!”

The burly man with a handlebar mustache replies, “You got a damn mouth on you, you know that? What else you got?”

Friend or foe, we’ll find out next week.

What did you think of this episode: was it better than the previous? What do you think of the new threat? Are Carol and Tyreese really heading toward sanctuary or is it a trap? Will Crazy Lizzie be revealed?

Rock Hard \m/

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