[PIC] Yell This! Randy Couture And Over 30 Countries Agree That MMA Should Be An Olympic Sport


Retired mixed martial artist and former Greco-Roman wrestler Randy Couture has cut all ties with the UFC after he stepped onto Bellator turf to coach the first season of Fight Master late last year. Despite his relationship with the UFC, Couture weighed in on MMA in general during a Hollywood event in L.A. over the weekend, and talked about it being an Olympic sport some day:

I think there’s 34 or 39 countries that have signed petitions for a sport called pankration … an ancient form of MMA.

Pankration (WIKIPEDIA)

Was a combat sport introduced into the Greek Olympic Games in 648 BC and founded as a blend of boxing and wrestling but with scarcely any rules. The only things not acceptable were biting and gouging of the opponent’s eyes.

Couture is currently working on film projects, including The Expendables 3, which is in post-production and slated for release in the summer.

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