The Walking Dead, Season 4 – “After”

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The Walking Dead, Season 4 returned last night, and the episode’s title, “After,” was as uninspired as the episode itself.

In a nutshell, what happened was we saw Carl and Rick find their way to an abandoned house with cutscenes to Michonne finding her way in the world alone — again. It shouldn’t have been a surprise after the prison group scattered like mice after the Governor attacked. What is a surprise, however, is the idea that we’re going to see much of the same next week, and possibly the week after that.

Obviously, the showrunners have to put the band back together, but to drag it out over a few weeks is asking a bit much of the viewers. The events of “After,” while some details were interesting (Michonne’s backstory) and some scenarios mildly humorous (Carl thinking that Rick had turned), made for a very boring mid-season return. It would have been far more interesting to have seen how all of our favorite characters were managing after the attack.

walking dead season 4 - michonne with decoys

Admittedly, seeing a dead Governor in the dirt was rewarding, but it was quickly followed by a sad-but-awesome scene of Hershel’s zombie head. It was also neat to see Michonne make two more decoy slave Walkers and then, with a flashback scene, to learn who the first two decoy Walkers were. Poor Michonne.

Granted, Carl is dealing with some pretty heavy stuff, but he’s still acting out like a teenage boy, despite what Rick says about him being a “man.” Yes, in this post-zombie-outbreak world Carl has had to grow up pretty quickly and learn to cope with extraordinary circumstances, but he’s still a product of the previous world and thus still deals with his stress in much the same way.

walking dead season 4 - carl fighting off walkers

And even if Carl rejected his unconscious father, he still wore the hat, which means he was just expressing his anger and does still need dad. The kid needs all the help he can get if he’s going to continue tripping when he’s walking backwards. He tripped at least twice in this episode, and at least one other time this season. Stupid kid.

What was your overall impression of the mid-season return of The Walking Dead? How should have things been done differently?

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