Behemoth’s The Making Of The Satanist – Part IV

Behemoth has posted the fourth and final video in the four-part mini-doc. This time around, there’s no subtitles, so I can’t tell you what Nergal is saying. If anyone speaks Polish, please feel free to chime in in the comments below.

The clip features Jesus Christ or a prophet or something (I’m not up on my religious studies) being pegged with darts. I find it kind of funny, but I’m sure there are those bible thumpers out there who would take offense to it. The music you hear is a segment of the track “In the Absence ov Light,” from the upcoming album The Satanist, which gets released on February 4th in North America.

If you want a little more of The Satanist before then, check out Behemoth’s latest video for ”Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer” (“Pray for Us Lucifer”).

Enjoy the clip and our entry on The Making of The Satanist – Part III for Behemoth tour dates and and pre-order information.

Rock Hard \m/

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