New 30-Second Trailer For The Walking Dead

A new 30-second trailer has emerged for the 9th episode of The Walking Dead Season 4, which returns on February 9th. Judging from the clip, this is going to be exactly the kind of episode I, and I’m sure many of you, like — full of uncertainty, fear, anxiety, and even some bloodshed (how does Michonne make it look so easy?).

The clip is titled “Not Afraid,” but as you watch the scrolling text reads: “Don’t Look Back.” And it’s pretty clear that our survivors are truly looking forward, well, looking for one another. Rick’s voice over seems to be the only one looking back in the slightest as he says to Carl, “I woulda clung to that… for you.” Rightly so, every father should want the best for their children.

Anyway, tell us what you think of the clip and what your expectations are of Season 4’s return in the comments below.

The Walking Dead – “After” Synopsis:

As the survivors of the prison assault try to regroup, Rick and Carl stumble upon a vacant house in the forest. Meanwhile, Daryl and Beth realize they are being watched by someone, and a new threat begins to emerge.

Rock Hard \m/

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