Suicide Monday: Resistance Is Futile

discordia suicide
Discordia SuicideDiscordia SuicideDiscordia SuicideDiscordia SuicideDiscordia SuicideDiscordia SuicideFernanda SuicideFernanda SuicideFernanda SuicideFernanda SuicideFernanda SuicideJanesinner SuicideJanesinner SuicideJanesinner SuicideJanesinner SuicideJanesinner Suicide

Fernanda Suicide

fernanda suicide
Location: IDontGiveAFuckland
Age: 29
Occupation: Designer
Gets me hot: Intelligence!
Into: Yes, everyone loves party… But that’s not all in life! I love to read a good book, to watch a good movie, to lose my time just doing silly things with my friends or feeding my brain with something new… Design is my passion, to read, my hobby.
Makes me happy: My friends, my family, rain! LOVE makes me happy, to dance… Hummm, Oh! and Chocolates
5 things I can’t live without: My laptop, chocolates, my family, my friends and music!

Bands: Queen, The Presets, Rammstein, Lady GaGa, Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers, Laibach, Zoe, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Combichrist

Films: Saw, Children of Heaven, Inception, Hannibal, 5th Element, Night Before Christmas, Fast ‘n Furious, Irreversible, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Professional

Books: Poe (everything), Not as a Stranger, Rocambole, Rosemary’s Baby, Valley of the Dolls, Sixth Commandment, Postman Always Rings Twice, Hitchcock (everything), 79 Park Avenue, Hard Times

TV shows: The Walking Dead, Most Evil, LOST, CSI, American Horror Story, Modern Family, Tabu

From Russia with Love — It’s Janesinner Suicide after the jump…

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