Suicide Monday: Resistance Is Futile

discordia suicide
Discordia SuicideDiscordia SuicideDiscordia SuicideDiscordia SuicideDiscordia SuicideDiscordia SuicideFernanda SuicideFernanda SuicideFernanda SuicideFernanda SuicideFernanda SuicideJanesinner SuicideJanesinner SuicideJanesinner SuicideJanesinner SuicideJanesinner Suicide

Mondays suck – Here’s your suicide solution.

Our favorite SuicideGirls meet a few of our standards: She should be tattooed and/or pierced, fit into one or more of our topics of interest (heavy metal, horror/sci-fi/action movies, MMA, and/or specific types of video games), and be a seemingly interesting person (as best as we can judge from the brief bio SuicideGirls sends us), and, of course, she must be sexy.

Why SuicideGirls? They say it best: “SuicideGirls is a community that celebrates Alternative Beauty and alternative culture from all over the world.” Hey, we’re into that subculture thing too.

Discordia Suicide

discordia suicide
Age: 27 (July 29, 1986)
Occupation: Dreamer, teaser, Dacnomaniac & rock ‘n’ roll baby
Pigeon holes: Adventurer, animal lover, traveler
My status: Not telling
Into: Abandoned houses, animal care, art in general, asphyxyation, beer, bites, dirty jokes, dreams, horror movies, nature, photography, sex with love, summer, traveling
Kink factor: Electrocution, clown suits, furries, oh my!
Sex: If we get into a relationship
5 things I can’t live without: Emotions, music, hygiene, friends, brains
Diet: Vegetarian

Bands: Amon Amarth, Bad Brains, Birthday Massacre, Black Breath, Coroner, Descendents, D.R.I., Electric Wizard, Entombed, Mad Caddies, Municipal Waste, Nekromantix, Orange Goblin, Pantera, Red Fang, Sepultura, Slayer, Soulfly, Suicidal Tendencies, The Cramps, The Meteors, Type O Negative

Films: Fight Club, Natural Born Killers, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Donnie Darko, LOTR, Seven Pounds

Books: from Marion Zimmer Bradley, from Sherrilyn Kenyon, from Paulo Coelho, from Friedrich Nietzsche, from Florbela Espanca

TV shows: How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, Shameless

Artists: H.R. Giger

Video games: Diablo

Find out what gets Fernanda Suicide hot after the jump…

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