Behemoth’s The Making Of The Satanist – Part II

Behemoth has released Part II of The Making of The Satanist mini-documentary. Once again there’s an ominous score, slow panning camera work, a black and white palette, images of nature and of the band performing live, and, of course, the somber seriousness of Nergal’s words. Last time Nergal talked more about the metaphor behind The Satanist, this time, however, he gets into the creative process. The depth he goes into is marginal, but it does give you a sense of, what I interpret to be, the organic nature of the album.

Nergal states in the video clip above:

The album was to picture ourselves. It was to show the depths of our best features but also our imperfections. During rehearsals there were moments when we let ourselves flow. Let us go just like in a trance. We would loop one theme and explore its content. I think these moments were the most believable in the process of making this record.

The Satanist will be unleashed on February 3rd in the UK, February 4th in North America and Poland, February 5th in Japan, and February 7th in Europe and the rest of the world.

There are two more parts expected in The Making of The Satanist mini-doc, so stay tuned to Yell! Magazine because we’ll be bringing it to you.

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