Quote of the Day: Wanderlei Silva Goes Off Again On Chael Sonnen

Wanderlei Silva

The guy’s getting used to calling everything marketing. So, he can talk a load of crap and that’s marketing? I understood and understand everything as real. I’ll pay him back for everything I’m feeling on the day of the fight. A lot of people have the blood of a cockroach, but I don’t, so I did good in this sport. If I have to talk to the guy [on TUF], I’m going there and talking to his face, he has to put up with it. If the guy thinks he can say whatever he wants and get away with it, well, no. If you want a verbal duel, come on, you’ll have it. And if you want to go hand-to-hand, we’ll go out. There’s no secret. I want to make it very clear that with me, there’s no excuses. – Wanderlei Silva

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