Mike Portnoy Is Done With Drum Solos

mike portnoy

Mike Portnoy, probably most recognized as the former Dream Theater drummer, has told Music Radar that he’s over drum solos:

There have been a lot of bands I’ve played in where the guys go, ‘Oh man, you’ve got to do a drum solo!’ And it’s like, ‘Ah, I don’t know. I’d rather do a song in that five minutes.’

I’m not interested in drum solos any more. This is my personal taste as a listener and as a player. I think I’ve grown out of it. Maybe that will change. Most musicians go through changes and phases, so that’s just where I’m at in this particular moment.

That’s fine; he’s entitled to his opinion and whims. He’s also entitled to retire. He’s a drummer who’s built a career out of being a top-tier drummer who does blistering drum solos. Portnoy saying he’s over drum solos is like Jack Daniels saying they’re done with Tennessee whiskey. There’s an aspect in just about everyone’s job that they don’t like, but it’s expected and they gotta do it. Suck it up Portnoy!

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