[PIC] Yell This! Anderson Silva Wishing Fans A Happy New Year

Anderson Silva

Unfortunately, 2013 ended very badly for the former UFC Middleweight Champion who broke his leg in two at UFC 168. After the rematch ended with Chris Weidman, Anderson Silva was rushed to the hospital to have immediate surgery. Apparently, the UFC surgeon said that Silva’s fracture was severe enough that it could have resulted in an amputation. Fortuntely, Dr. Steven Sanders repaired it by inserting an intramedullary rod into Silva’s left tibia.

Silva, arguably the best fighter in the world to ever step inside the Octagon, is on the road to recovery, and is looking to train again for his next fight. However, his 15-year-old son, Kalyl, would rather see him retire from the sport. Kalyl said:

All respect for Chris to go out there and fight like a champion. Congratulations, Chris. It’s your turn to be a legend. All the enemies are celebrating Silva and do not come to see me, is not my fault. But I want to see you do what he does. I hope he retires and go home because I’m tired of watching my father train every day, be gone for two or three months … and a broken leg happens … And as always you are my champion father. And once again, good job, Chris.

Silva is officially back at home in Brazil with his family. He posted the picture above online for all his supporters, and wishes them a Happy New Year!

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