[PIC] Yell This! Jason Voorhees Is On My PS4 Controller

Jason Voorhees PS4

While the Friday the 13th franchise is getting another sequel made, scheduled for March 13, 2015, I doubt a new video game reboot featuring next-gen graphics and our favorite slasher icon Jason Voorhees will be considered for the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Let’s face it, the first one that Atlus developed for us in 1989 for the NES was a complete hack job. Even the biggest die-hard F13 fanboy probably tossed that one in the trash can many years ago.

However, I can live with this, a Jason Voorhees-inspired skin for the newly redesigned Dualshock 4 controller. Unfortunately, the skin isn’t for sale since a dude made it one night in his basement. But you can follow these instructions, and make it yourself over the holiday.

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