Christopher Lee’s “Jingle Hell”

christopher lee heavy metal christmas too

Hammer Horror film legend, Christopher Lee, is back with more heavy metal Christmas music to add to your Yuletide playlist. Picture the conversation when you put on Lee’s music:

christopher lee heavy metal christmas tooGrandpa says, “Turn this noise off!”
You say, “It’s not noise. It’s metaaaal!”
Grandpa, “They’re making a mockery of Christmas.”
You, “The singer is 91! He’s older than you.”

Well, it would go something like that as you try to persuade whomever to give alternate Christmas music a chance.

Last year we brought you our Top 10: Heavy Metal Christmas Songs list, on which Christopher Lee had a single entry for “Little Drummer Boy” and “Silent Night.” This year he’s back with Heavy Metal Christmas Too, which includes “Jingle Hell” and Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.”

Check out the video player above to hear samples of the songs and to listen to Christopher Lee talk about “Jingle Hell.”

You can buy Heavy Metal Christmas Too at Amazon – MP3 $1.78

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