The Walking Dead (Season 4) – “Too Far Gone” – Mid-Season Finale

carl shoots walkers

michonne stabs governor

I’m going to assume you saw The Walking Dead, Season 4 mid-season finale — and that’s your spoiler alert.

Stand up and cheer

What an eventful episode. Dark, horrible, action-packed, emotional, tragic, all of the above suitably describe “Too Far Gone,” and then some. But I first have to know if anyone else stood up, hollered, and clapped when Michonne stuck a cocky, blood-thirsty Governor through the back with her katana? Am I alone here? Oh, and she saved Rick in the process. If anyone deserved to get the Governor, if was Michonne.

But no, there was a moment when we were led to believe that the Governor was going to be fine, that Michonne had somehow managed to miss the heart, the lungs, the stomach, and whatever other major organs are in a human’s torso. Enter the Governor’s new love, Lilly, who succinctly finished the evil man off with a bullet to the head.

Lilly had an awakening when the Governor was giving his rally speech at the beginning of the episode, realizing what this man truly represents. Then she bore witness to his wickedness when she was carrying her dead daughter to the prison and saw him hacking Hershel’s head off, quickly followed by him coldly taking Meghan and shooting her in the head. What a betrayal of trust. I’m curious to know what will become of her: Will she join the newly nomadic tribe? Will she wander the country with her sister? Will she just commit suicide? Will she find Carol by some stroke of luck and join her? Or will the writers just forget about her all together?

governor and lilly with dead daughter

How did we get here? Let’s rewind.

As I’ve already mentioned, at the top of the episode the Governor was giving a rally speech to the campers. During the course of his speech he reveals that he captured two of the prison residents, which was revealed in a flashback as Michonne and Hershel were captured. His intention is to use them as collateral so that they can take the prison without firing a weapon. Surprisingly, the vast majority of the campers are dumbasses and agree to follow their new leader. Only Tara has a voice of concern during the speech.

So, the campers posse up with their tank and we have a calm before the storm, that is we have a nice sentimental moment between Maggie and Glenn. Less calm, but still taking care of business post virus, is Rick explaining the Carol situation to Daryl. Then we have Rick and Daryl looking for Tyreese to explain it to him, but Tyreese has something more pressing to show the two. What it was, I have no idea. It looked like a giant rat that had been dissected. I was personally hoping that Tyreese had found Lori chained up to a wall as a Walker that Carl was secretly taking care of.

the governor

The threesome is suddenly interrupted by a loud explosion, which we all know is the Governor with the tank. Rick gets called out and futile negotiations begin, ending with Hershel’s throat getting hacked into. The Governor had been right about one thing, he and Michonne and Rick could never live together, despite Rick’s attempt to suggest they all live in different cell blocks.

Dealing with the Devil

During the negotiations, I kept wondering why someone doesn’t snipe the Governor. Carl, my only voice of hope, suggested it, but Daryl quickly squashed those dreams. Seriously, Carl was right in my opinion, and contrary to what Daryl said, I think it would have ended the assault. Of course, Mitch would have advance and fired upon the prison residents with his tank, but that happened anyway.

All hell breaks loose when the Governor does finally attack. Some of the prison residents follow through with the evacuation plan, Tyreese gets pinned down only to be saved by crazy Lizzie and her little friend who follow Carol’s teachings and shoot down a human being, Rick gets his ass beat by the Governor only to be saved by Michonne, Rick calls out for Carl in a panic only to be saved by his son, and the two discover a Judith’s bloody car seat, Daryl single handedly takes out the tank with a grenade and kills Mitch point blank with his crossbow.

carl shoots walkers

What’s next?

Now, heading into the mid-season break, our prison residents have finally done what we all hoped would be the conclusion of Season 3 and killed the Governor. With the prison’s perimeter breached and Walkers everywhere, the residents are scattered and heading where?

The Governor hinted that there was safety near water, so will we find Rick and company searching for a place near water? Or will they head north, through Canada and into Alaska? Will they just regroup and rebuild the prison?

What’s going on?!?

Rock Hard \m/ and see you in February.

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