Tribune Post “Insectoid” Lyric Video

Tribune creates a unique and perfect blend of a variety of heavy metal genres, including death metal, sludge, metalcore, some NWOBHM, and more. Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, Tribune has just posted the lyric video for “Insectoid,” which comes off their latest album, Tales (released October 29, 2013).

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Tales is a concept album inspired by some of the world’s greatest authors, including Homer, Mary Shelley, H.P. Lovecraft, and more. Vocalist Bryan Baker explains the album more fully:

This album has been inspired entirely by literature, it features a wide array of influences, from Homer to Mary Shelley to H.P. Lovecraft, and continues Tribune’s trend of becoming simultaneously more melodic and more brutally heavy on each album! Tales is a reimagining of what progressive death metal can be, and the members of Tribune believe it to be their finest effort yet.

tribune tales

Tales is the follow-up to 2011’s Elder Lore/The Dark Arts, and demonstrates Tribune’s brawn and brains with a collusion of extremity and accessibility. As the band’s appetite for more extreme metal, like Carcass, Death, and At The Gates, bleeds into their melting pot of influences, it has resulted in a fresh take on their fine metal sound.

If you like what you hear in “Insectoid,” you can stream Tales in its entirety at:

Tales track listing:

Chapter I – Tales
Chapter II – Insectoid [PureGrainAudio]
Chapter III – The Butterfly Effect
Chapter IV – From Funeral To Funeral [Youtube] [Soundcloud]
Chapter V – Horror
Chapter VI – King of Ithaca
Chapter VII – Vengeance
Chapter VIII – Red Crescent
Chapter IX – That Bleakest Shore

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