Ronda Rousey Joined The FOX NFL Crew

In case you missed it earlier today, UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey appeared with the FOX NFL crew shortly after the Green Bay Packers were humiliated by the Detroit Lions (10 – 40). During the broadcast she talked about losing 17.5 pounds in a 24-hour period to prove a point, about the women’s division, about her title fight with Miesha Tate on December 28th, and about being the first woman of the UFC.

Among her more quotable moments, she said:

Milestones are kind of getting to be a normal thing. … I did it more for the women’s division, I want it to survive me. I want 20 years from now it still to be going and one of the things that’s lacking is that a lot of the other girls aren’t known very well and so I wanted to give the other girls a venue for the audience to get to know them.

Later in the interview, when asked about the upcoming fight and her dramatic finish, she said, rather tongue in cheekily:

Every finish of mine is dramatic. That’s why people like to watch me.

Take away what you will from that quote, but, god, I love the confidence.

Rock Hard \m/

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