Is This Mastodon Shirt Racist?

mastodon thanksgiving shirt

mastodon thanksgiving shirtMastodon got into the Thanksgiving spirit with this shirt, a holiday spirit that’s likely more aligned with the truth than what’s widely accepted. Despite the obvious satire, there are people out there who’ve taken issue with the shirt, which depicts a pilgrim taking pointblank aim at a Native American woman who’s on her knees offering a roasted turkey. I get how people would take offense to the illustration, but to go and call the band racist is beyond stupid.

Of course the shirt is going to draw some uncomfortable chuckles, but it’s an exaggeration of a historical event, one that we Americans should be ashamed of, really. And that’s the greater power of the shirt, it’ll cause people to stop and think for a moment.

Maybe I’m wrong, but in no way is this shirt racist. Inappropriate? Maybe, but I’d still wear it.

Here’s what Mastodon has replied to the shirt’s critics:

Regarding our thanks giving shirt, whether you choose to believe or not, the American Indians were massacred by the white settlers who became the Americans we are today. this shirt represents this atrocity and celebrating in the face of this atrocity is chilling.

We may have a sick sense of humor, but we are far from being ‘racist’ as some of you who might not get it are calling us.

If you’d like to buy Mastodon’s Thanksgiving t-shirt ($22), visit:

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