At Long Last, Lemmy Kilmister Will Have A Solo Album

lemmy kilmister

lemmy kilmister

At 67 years of age and in declining health, Lemmy Kilmister isn’t finished yet. Although it’s been reported that the seemingly immortal Motörhead frontman’s health has improved (he’s had a number of issues this past year, including having a pacemaker implanted), he hasn’t been able to get out there to properly promote Motörhead’s latest album, Aftershock. But pay no mind to that nonsense, Lemmy, in an interview with Revolver, said:

I ain’t done yet with the music. After I get better, we’re gonna try to tour again, and if I can’t do that full-on, I want to do another album with Head Cat, and, of course, I want to do a couple more Motörhead records. But the next thing I’ve got coming out is my solo album, which is almost done.

Wait! What? A solo what? Indeed the metal god said he has a solo album coming out soon, which will be his first after nearly 40 years in the business. What can be expected from this solo effort?

I still want to do a track with [Skunk Anansie’s] Skin before I put it out. There are two tracks with the Reverend Horton Heat, two with The Damned, a track with Dave Grohl and a track with Joan Jett.

Lemmy went on to add:

Right now, we’re thinking of calling it False Teeth for the Deaf. It’s all just great rock ‘n’ roll, that’s the only way to describe it. Some of it is bluesy and some isn’t. It’s not Motörhead, but obviously there are elements in common.

I don’t want to invoke any bad karma, but it sounds like Lemmy is checking off items on his bucket list. If he is, he’s certainly intending to go out with a bang, like he damn well should!

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