The Walking Dead (Season 4) – “Dead Weight”

governor feeding martinez to walkers

governor feeding martinez to walkers

Well, that didn’t take long for the Governor to come back into form. Not entirely since his evil is veiled in the “I have a family to care for now” disguise.

All in all, this was a horribly boring episode, and “Dead Weight,” though it applies to the condition of joining the camp Martinez imposes on the Governor and Tara, Lilly, and Meagan, also applies to the episode itself. It was that bad.

I hung in there though, and found that the episode had its moments, such as when the Governor smacks Martinez over the head with a golf club and feeds him to a pit of Walkers. There was also that moment near the end, when the Governor had Michonne in his sights.

governor and martinez golf

As you can conclude from the previous statement, our timelines are just about even and next week’s episode, being the last before the mid-season break, should be a doozy.

So, how do we get to that conflict? Enter a boring episode in which the Governor is shown to be just a little bit crazy. First, while sitting around a picnic table with their new mates, the Governor shows signs of jealousy when Lilly says, “it’s the first time I’ve felt safe since all this started,” in reference to their new accommodations. Then there was the killing Martinez incident, but he only did it Martinez mentioned sharing the power as leader. After the Governor feeds Martinez to the pit Walkers, he screams, “I don’t want it!” And last but not least, the Governor slips to Lilly, “I’m not gonna lose you again.” Clearly he’s referencing his actual family that he lost a long time ago.

the walking dead season 4

What can we conclude from all this? Besides the fact that the Governor is crazy? Well, he is an emotional wreck, teetering between rage and blubbering, crying fool. But who knows what’s going on in that head? He believes he has a new family, but the line between new family and old family is getting blurry.

But let’s give the Governor the benefit of the doubt for a second. After Martinez’ death, there was a conflict between level-headed good-guy Pete and quick-draw angry bad-guy Mitch. The Governor recognized the hostility and tension and tried to escape with his “family.” When they couldn’t leave (I don’t know why they didn’t try a different road or why they couldn’t try again another time), the Governor felt trapped and, well, usurped the camp, making Mitch his new Merle.

governor by tank

Now what? Are we really back to Season 3? The Governor with his small army (even smaller this time) and a tank going up against the prison? Seriously? Obviously that’s what going to happen next episode, but what about the second half of the season? With the flu “cured” and hopefully the Governor out of commission, what’s ahead for our tribe?

I’ll leave with a question: Who hopes Michonne wastes the Governor?

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