PlayStation Confident As A Market Leader Going Forward

A week ahead of the Xbox One launch, the PlayStation 4 has finally hit the market today, and you’ll have to deal with huge lineups to get your hands on the next-gen system, which will “define” gaming, according to a recent promo.

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Jack Tretton sounds confident about the PS4 despite the online experience may suffer from heavy traffic in the next few days. Tretton feels the PS4 will continue to remain as a market leader in the video game industry:

We’ve always been console leaders. We’re at 80 million plus on the PlayStation 3, which is on par with our competition, we’re relevant on a worldwide basis and have been for three generations in a row. So we really think that PlayStation defines gaming and PlayStation 4 is our best effort yet. And the consumer reaction has been phenomenal, the development community is behind us, so we really have a lot of headwinds behind us.

Aside from Tretton’s stand on the PS4 as a market leader, he also feels that the system is far more superior in power than any competitor, like Microsoft’s Xbox One:

Well, 399 dollars, a hundred dollars cheaper than the other new entrant on the market. Far and away the best lineup of games, 180 games in development, 23 available on day one, and far and away the most powerful console; 10 times more powerful than the state-of-the-art PlayStation 3.

The PS4 is now available across North America for $399.

Source: Gamespot

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