Behemoth Will Inspire You To Die Healthy

Earlier this week, we brought you news of the forthcoming video from Behemoth (“Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel” will be released on December 4th). But, the new trend is to tease the video, song, album, or whatever else it is that’s getting released. It’s tiresome, but it’s what it is and I don’t think it’s going anywhere for some time.

I guess there are a few ways a band can promote themselves this way. They can straight-up show a few seconds of the video. The can show the band talking about the video with the music playing in the background, documentary style. The can show behind-the-scenes footage while the track plays. Or, they can do what Behemoth has done for the second teaser video (or is it the fourth?) for the “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel” video, which is genius.

Watch the teaser in the player above.

What we have here is Behemoth vocalist, Nergal, running and talking about pushing himself to maintain good health so that he ends up being a piece of strong meat for the doctors when/if he ends up in the hospital. To that end, so that he’s not a carcass for the doctors. And he ties it in with feeling good about oneself; basically saying that if you feel like shit, you will look like shit.

Excuse me now. I have a few miles to run. After which I have to introduce Behemoth’s upcoming album, The Satanist, to the neighborhood kids — a positive role model like this has to be introduced.

Rock Hard \m/

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