The Animated Tales Of GWAR – Yup, You Read That Right

Shock rockers GWAR have found a new way to disgust and offend the masses. This time it’s an animated series called The Animated Tales of GWAR, and it is highly objectionable, which means it’s freakin’ fantastic. If you thought, at some point or another, that Family Guy was inappropriate or that South Park was obscene, you haven’t seen anything yet. Vulgar, vile, vicious, and hilarious adequately describes GWAR‘s latest venture.

The project has been in development for two years, getting the disturbing humor just right and fighting with Oderus Urungus about NOT featuring his massive schlong in the animated series. Myke Chillian and Tommy Meehan are the unfortunate animators who took on this horrific task, but in all fairness, it was either do this or let the members of GWAR tea-bag them with post-concert sweaty balls.

Funny or Die premiered the debut episode today (you can watch it here in the player above), and I highly recommend you watch it if you’ve got nine minutes to spare.

Myke Chillian described The Animated Tales of GWAR:

Lead singer Oderus Urungus loses his murderous-mojo prompting the rest of the band to embark on an Antarctic quest for the cure. Weird Al Yankovic guest stars.

Brutal front-fiend Oderus Urungus had this to say about the project:

I hate cartoons… cartoons are for kids, and kids are strictly for eating. But I just might have to back up a little and say that this is the greatest cartoon ever, even if I still hate it, just because it’s about US.

Rock Hard \m/

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