Lovelorn Dolls Present A Haunting Fairy Tale In “After Dark”

Coming to us from Brussels, Belgium, is the goth metal band Lovelorn Dolls, who’ve just released the video for their latest single, “After Dark.” The track comes off their debut full-length album, The House of Wonders (released in March 2013), on Alfa Matrix.

The video for “After Dark” is aesthetically stunning. It’s an animated journey that combines the dark elements of Grimm’s Tales with haunting visuals that are at once childlike and horrific. The video was animated and directed by Emily Weeks, who created a beautiful micro-cosmos for Lovelorn Dolls’ music. The concept and story was arranged by Lovelorn Dolls’ Kristell Lowagie and graphical artist Emily Weeks while the track was mastered by Victor Love from Dope Stars Inc.

lovelorn dolls

Musically, Lovelorn Dolls reminds me a lot of The Birthday Massacre in that there are macabre and nightmarish tones to the music, again with a childlike innocence hovering over it all. In this track, “After Dark,” there seems to be a great disconnect between the vocal track and the rest of the music, like the vocals were recorded in a box and then pasted over the music. It could be the effect they were going for or a result of the upload, as I don’t hear this in other tracks from Lovelorn Dolls.

If you like what you hear, head on over to Amazon to buy The House of Wonders: CD – $16.22 or MP3 – $8.99

Check out the video in the player above and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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