Lamb Of God – Releases 10th Anniversary Edition Of “As The Palaces Burn”

Lamb of God As The Palaces Burn 10th Anniversary Edition

Today Lamb of God re-releases its third studio album, As the Palaces Burn. This 10th Anniversary edition is remastered and remixed and contains three demo tracks from the recording sessions.

Released in 2003, Palaces sold over 250,000 copies in the U.S. alone. Having three singles, “Ruin,” “11th Hour,” and “As the Palaces Burn,” Palaces saw more airtime than the previous three albums. As mentioned above, the three demos are “Ruin,” “As the Palaces Burn,” and “Blood Junkie.” You get the taste of the basic songs before they were remastered and recorded for the master release.

To this day, Lamb of God sells out concerts wherever they go. Having toasted the crowds with “11th Hour” each night, since it is a drinking song, and provided the world with some of the heaviest metal around.

Order As the Places Burn 10th Anniversary Edition at Amazon: CD – $14.48 and MP3 – $10.99

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