The Walking Dead (Season 4) – “Internment”

hershel wrestles a walker

hershel - the walking dead

There you have it, the last of the “I” episodes. And holy crap, was that ever an exciting episode of The Walking Dead.

Everyone returns from their respective runs, there’s an emergency in the quarantine, Walkers bust the fence, father and son fight side by side, and, well, we got a real villain again.

Honest Abe

I’ll admit that I was surprised that Rick decided to go the honest route where Carol was concerned. Honestly, it’s the best option he has since she could show up again. If he fabricated some story about her demise and then she showed up, he’d look like a horses ass and lose any respect he has as a leader. Oh, yes, he will lead the tribe again, especially after telling Maggie upon his return that no can afford to doubt themselves anymore — a statement that includes himself.

While Rick will lead again, I don’t think he’ll be calling all the shots. I believe that there will be a council, but it will act on the more day-to-day type of affairs, such as where to plant crops, whether or not to leave the prison, whether or not to accept newcomers, whether or not to teach children survival skills, etc. When there’s an emergency requiring quick action, Rick will be our man in charge — and given the conclusion of “Internment,” we’re gonna see Rick in full-on command real soon. Let’s hope we see something of this storyline take place before the shitty mid-season break, which starts in December.

hershel wrestles walker

Shortly after Rick’s return all hell breaks lose, accompanied by a very, very Romero-esque *Dawn of the Dead score. There’s an outbreak of new Walkers in the prison’s quarantine as the sick quickly, and seemingly all at once, sucumb to their illness and turn. And while that is going on, the Walkers break through the fence, despite Rick, Maggie, and Carl’s attempts at reinforcement.

Through the emergency, Hershel proves his salt as a tough sumbitch, providing help and aid where and when needed. I almost forgot that he’s operating with a adhoc false leg. He also shows an inordinate amount of compassion and humanity by not brain stabbing fresh Walkers in front of their former cellmates. By the end of the episode, if anyone deserves a joyride with Michonne, it’s Hershel, who was this episodes hero.

Crazy Lizzie

The flu that the showrunners have based this one on affect the young and healthy, but not the old and very young. This explains why Hershel isn’t affected by the virus, but it doesn’t explain why Crazy Lizzie is… but isn’t. Of course the writers can take creative liberties, this is fiction after all, but I think there’s more too it. Carl would fall into the same age category as Lizzie, and he shows no signs of illness.

Now, you could say that Patrick got sick, but he was in his mid-teens, and I think by virus standards that classifies him as young and healthy. It’s my belief that Crazy Lizzie wanted to be in quarantine to be closer to the sick and potential Walkers she seems to care so dearly for.

lizzie leads walker

Crazy Lizzie further emphasized her delusion when she tried to lead a Walker away from the chaos. How did she do this? Well, she talked to it like it was a dog: “Here, boy. C’mon, this way.” I wonder how long before there’s some sort of intervention to correct her thinking — probably not until after she puts the tribe in jeopardy. Next thing you know, she’ll be bathing in Walker blood to retain her youthful good looks (reference to serial killer Elizabeth Báthory).

Carl the Conqueror

I love how Carl was the voice of reason when Rick suggested a non-violent option to halt the small horde of Walkers that busted through the first fence. Just as soon as reason is introduced, we see Rick and Carl selecting their arsenal and a quick weapons lesson is taught to Carl. Then, what all of us zombie fans love most, we get to see Walkers get shot like fish in a barrel.

rick and carl walk among the dead

There were a couple of moments while Rick and Carl fought off the Walkers that Rick looked at his son. I’m not sure if he was admiring how well his son handles himself, how he doesn’t doubt himself, or if he was remorseful about the world his son has to live in. I think we’re well past the latter. More likely Rick was admiring his son’s lack of doubt and taking note or inspiration from it. Another indication that “Rick the Leader” is on his way back.

Once the majority of the chaos settled, Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese, and Bob return with the medication and treatment of the sick begins. Again, I hate Tyreese, and I hate how he jumps out of the vehicle and his first question is, “How’s Sasha?” Clearly shit has been going down and he couldn’t have missed the pile of Walkers. Should his first question have been so selfish? I don’t know, but somebody please kill this asshole. If the Governor does it, I might have to switch allegiance.

Before I get to my final point today, the writers have certainly set the stage for a confrontation between Rick and Daryl regarding Carol. We all love Daryl, and now that we’re rooting for Rick again, they’re going to make us choose. Obviously Daryl won’t see it Rick’s way, and neither will Tyreese. How much you want to bet that Tyreese and Daryl go out looking for Carol. From this, two things will probably happen:

1. Since they’re both valuable warriors, their absence will leave the tribe that much more vulnerable to an attack from the Governor.
2. The Governor will go after the two men… and kill Tyreese. Thank the gods!

The Pied Piper

So, the final point, obviously has to do with the Governor. As mentioned last week, I suspected that his return was imminent, but it has become so very clear that he’s been the one feeding the Walkers rats at the fence line. How tricky of the writers to make us suspect Crazy Lizzie.

dead walker

Rock Hard \m/

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