PlayStation 4 Ad: For The Players Since 1995

The new PlayStation 4 ad, what’s being called “For the Players Since 1995,” ran a couple weeks back, but it is a great ad. It’s completely captivating and it speaks to anyone who’s ever played a video game in their bedroom. I love how the ad shows the evolution of the gamer, his city, his friends, his style, and his technology, the latter of which is the centerpiece here — how evolved the PlayStation 4 is supposed to be. Of course, Sony and PlayStation are banking on nostalgia to catch your attention, especially the PlayStation owners, past and present. Basically they’re saying, “if you are a current PS owner, why give up on what’s been there for you?” And if you were a PS gamer, they’re saying, “come back, remember all the good times we had?”

However, I have a couple issues with this ad. The kid obviously has something of a social life, which grows as evidenced by the increasing number of friends coming into his room. But what I don’t understand is how he makes friends. Maybe his buddy introduces them to him when he comes over. My overall impression, however, is that the kid that belongs to this bedroom never leaves his bedroom! I mean, fireworks go off outside, skyscrapers get built… and what’s our gamer doing? Playing video games. Life is just passing him by.

Life passes this kid by so much that we see him age beyond his college years and he’s still living with his parents, in the same bedroom, doing the same thing with better technology.

Gaming is great, but it’s certainly not everything, Sony.

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