Suicide Monday: Strings Always Look Good On Girls

atomic suicide
Atomic SuicideAtomic SuicideAtomic SuicideAtomic SuicideAtomic SuicidePorphyria SuicidePorphyria SuicidePorphyria SuicidePorphyria SuicidePorphyria Suicide

Porphyria Suicide

porphyria suicide
Age: 25
Height: 5’2″
Weight: 95 lbs
Status: Exclusive releationship
Kink factor: I will pee on your dog while wrapped in clingfilm
Politics: Milquetoast Centrist
Weed: Nope
Cigarettes: Nope
Booze: occasionally
Diet: Omnivore
My idea of a good time: Internet. All night. Again.
Into: Affection, art, body modification, bondage, branding, bright shiny things, caffeine, camping, clubs, collars, college, comics, digital media, dorks, DS, education, escapisms, family, fidelity, fire water, fitness, flashy things, friends, gaming, goggles, good music, hard beats, harder beatings P, idealism, industrial, martial arts, neon, furry things, octopus, philosophy, photoshop, reading, sailor fuku, scars, seifuku, tentacles
5 things I can’t live without: Only my laptop and my eyebrow pencil
I spend most of my free time: Dancing, being a big ol’ hermit, in an art class, loitering, sloshed

Rock Hard \m/

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