TRC Releases “10,000 Hours” – It Sucks

The last time I wrote about TRC was when I reviewed their 2012 EP, The Story So Far. What I heard there was pretty good. The band has recently released a new album, Nation, which I haven’t heard yet… and I may never do so.

TRC has released “10,000 Hours,” and it sucks sweaty balls. The video doesn’t help either, featuring Chris Robson looking like a douchy member of Right Said Fred as he’s being escorted by cops. The only good part of this song is the the last minute, when there’s no singing… but the best part is when the song stops. “10,000 Hours” is so annoying I thought I was a institutionalized crazy person hearing 10,000 demonic voices in my head at the same time, rocking back and forth, bashing my head against a brick wall.

Shit, shit, shit, make it stop.

Rock Hard \m/

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