Motörhead: Stream “Aftershock” In Its Entirety

1-motorhead aftershock

motorhead aftershock

In case it eluded you, Motörhead is streaming their upcoming album, Aftershock, in its entirety over at Yahoo! Music.

It’s truly remarkable — and I’d say that Lemmy Kilmister made a deal with the Devil, but he’s God, so we know that can’t be true — that Motörhead is still relevant and revered after nearly 40 years and 20 studio albums (21 if you include Aftershock). Are you still stuck on that God comment? Yeah, well, the old man will soon be 68 years old, and most of those years have been keeping pace with a very, very rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle… one that would, and has, killed many others. And if Lemmy weren’t a God, he certainly would have died this past year with all his medical complications: he’s been fitted with a defibrillator, diagnosed with diabetes, and suffered a hematoma. However, Lemmy has admitted that his lifestyle is getting harder to maintain.

Despite all this, Motörhead will release a quintessential Motörhead album on October 22nd, followed by a tour of Europe and Scandinavia in November. Visit for an up-to-date list of tour dates.

Check out Aftershock over at Yahoo! Music and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Personally, I really got into “Lost Woman Blues,” “Do You Believe,” “Death Machine,” “Going to Mexico,” “Silence When You Speak,” and, well… so many great jams to choose from. I leave it to you.

Rock Hard \m/

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