Ra Returns With Critical Mass

Ra Critical Mass

Ra Critical Mass

Ra has returned with the release of their fourth studio album, Critical Mass, out today and their first since 2008’s Black Sun (if you disregard 2009’s rarities album, Black Sheep).

It’s not my scene, but I can see the appeal. That being said, there are some nice moments on Critical Mass, but certainly not on the Linkin Park/Eminem-esque track “Anything U Want.” That shit is just horrible. So is “Won’t Be Home Tonight,” which sounds like a boy band playing a down-tempo rock song. I do like the eclectic use of Middle Eastern sounds on “It’s All Over Now” and “Running Blind.”

But basically, Ra’s Critical Mass is thick middle-of-the-road honey designed to appeal to a wide audience and to be played on active rock radio stations.

Now that I’ve sold the album to you, ha, you can stream it at MSN Music, and if you’re still interested, you can order the MP3 at Amazon for $8.99.

Critical Mass also marks the return of Ra’s orginal lineup with guitarist/vocalist Sahaj Ticotin, bassist P.J. Farley, guitarist Ben Carroll and drummer Skoota Warner

Ticotin has said:

I believe this record to be the most complete album we’ve ever made, but also the heaviest. There is a conscious effort here to be more respectful of hard rock/metal roots and less on being too touchy feely. I really wanted this record to feel intense, even on the more light-hearted songs. For once I don’t feel as if I compromised on any aspect of the writing for this record.

Critical Mass track list:

1. Brutiful
2. Awake
3. Supermegadubstep
4. It’s All Over Now
5. Anything U Want
6. Won’t Be Home Tonight
7. Running Blind
8. A Hollow Glow
9. Ecstasy
10. Tragic Empire
11. Voices Inside My Head
12. Through the Valley
13. Crawling to the Sky

Rock Hard \m/

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