The Misfires – Play The Music They Like [VIDEO]

We got some new music for you today. Coming out of Edmonton, Canada, are The Misfires, a straight-up punk band comprised of vocalist/guitarist Barrett Klesko (All Else Fails) and members from Naked Beauty and Mervin Albyn. The new song, “Ours Is the Fury,” is, well, really fucking good. And it could very well become a daily player. Kleskos vocals are highly addictive as they meander between clean pop-punk and a deeper, strained hardcore style. Actually, he scared me for a second, thinking he was gonna go all metalcore with the vocals; I’m thankful to be able to tell you that he does not. Actually, Klesko sounds like a vocalist version of a split personality.

It’s not always a guarantee of quality, but you at least have to give The Misfires a chance when you read/hear their band motto:

Playing music they like for the sake of playing music they like

But why does it seem like it always takes a side project for a musician to get to what he/she wants to play? I understand that you gotta earn a living and sometimes bend over for the labels in order to do so, but wouldn’t we all be better off if people just started being honest and we got rid of some of the bullshit out there?

Rant over.

So, the video for “Ours Is the Fury” was also produced, directed, and edited by Klesko. Fans will be interested in knowing that the video was shot in the studio and contains some footage from the recording sessions for the upcoming album, Songs About Stuff.

If you want to know more about The Misfires, check out their Facebook page.

The Misfires are:

Barrett Klesko – Vocals, Guitar
Kevin Burgess – Guitar
Justin Cruse – Bass
Ryan Biggs – Drums

Rock Hard \m/

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