Xbox One – All Achievements Not Auto Recorded

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The DVR feature on the Xbox One will not record every achievement you earn, as Albert Penello, MS Director of Product Planning, stated on NeoGAF:

It won’t be automatic for every Achievement. It’s a feature that Developers can unlock for achievements, OR, for instance, have hidden in the game for doing something cool or discovering something hidden. Basically we allow developers access to GameDVR and they can put conditions on an automatic recording.

But not every Achievement will automatically be recorded.

This contradicts a previous report made by Xbox Australia, which stated that all achievements would be recorded.

In case you’re wondering who to believe, a third separate statement was issued by Microsoft:

Xbox One keeps a rolling record of your most recent gameplay, and there are two main ways for this video to be captured by Game DVR. First, game developers mark ‘greatest clips’ that happen within the game that represent fun and interesting moments within gameplay, such as when you unlock certain Achievements. Additionally, you can also issue commands, with either your voice or the controller, to capture interesting moments you would like to record or that just happened.

So there you go, the Xbox One can record all achievement, you just gotta tell it to do so sometimes.

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