31 Days Of Scares – Day 6 – 10 Horror Things You Need To Have

No.5 Earrings: Cleavers

Price: $9.95

I’m no girl, but if I was, I’d be rocking these every day this month. Cleavers, blood, and skulls all packed into an earring makes this a must-have plastic piece of jewelry. Toss them played-out golden skull earrings and swap them for these right now.

Nobody has them yet, and at $9.95 what have you got to lose? Just thank me later!

Horror Earings

No.6 Sterling Silver CZ Skull With Headset Earring Studs

Price: $34.99

Speaking of skulls, headsets are even more played-out than earrings and those bulky Skullcandy ones are a nightmare now. Have one? Well, you know what’s coming, toss them into the trash can too, and get something slick like this. Made out of sterling silver, so they aren’t cheap like the plastic ones, and they come with headset earring studs.

Grab your old headphone from the drawer and attach these babies to it. Simple and cheap!

Skull Headset

No.7 The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires Soundtrack

Price: $15.95

Black belt against black magic in the greatest battle of all time. Who do you think would win, seven martial arts warriors or Dracula? The answer would be to watch The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires from Hammer Films starring Peter Cushing, David Chiang, and Julie Ege. It was released in 1974 and it’s dubbed as the first kung fu horror film with an impressive soundtrack composed by James Bernard. The vinyl version is ancient and rare, but if you come accross one it will sell for $100. That might be too pricey for some, but you can have better chances with the CD version that sells for $15.95 on Ebay, but it’s limited.

Fans of MMA and horror should have this soundtrack in their music collection. You’ll be a true warrior!

The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires

No.8 Vampire Bat Latex Rucksack

UNISEX (male/female) | Price: $122.23

Cult Appeal “extreme” collection has just arrived, and perfectly timed for Halloween. This fashion accessory could look great with a party costume if you’re going as a vampire, but for the price it’s actually more convenient for day-to-day life. This Vampire Bat Backpack is completely made out of quality material since it’s a pure natural product that is harvested from rubber tree and is processed directly — 100% handmade too!

Can it carry anything you ask? Of course it can; the dimensions are 37cm x 20cm x 8cm and the inside is lined in stylish red nylon. Plus, the backside fabric is made from a water repellent tissue. Trust me! This backpack will protect, even from Dracula, and carry your heavy shit around.

Vampire Bag

No.9 Zombie Brain Cupcakes

Free Recipe

Can’t forgot the sweets, right? Halloween without Zombie Brain Cupcakes is like George A. Romero without makeup artist Tom Savini. It’s a must to combine both and you know the cravings for them will kick in throughout the month. You just need a hot girlfriend who will make them for you. Or if you already have the culinary experience in the kitchen, then just do it yourself and surprise her for once.

There are plenty of Zombie Brain Cupcake knockoff’s around, but these, my friends, are the cream of the crop for the look and taste. Look no further and follow these instruction!

Zombie Brain Cupcake

No.10 Eyes ‘n’ Zits Cuff Bracelet

I put this item in last because you just can’t buy it. Why? Because somebody on deviantART crafted this disgusting looking bracelet that only David Cronenberg could imagine. This thing makes the Necronomicon from The Evil Dead look like a children’s book. It’s nasty and I wish I could own one. Maybe in an afterlife somebody will put this into production. Fingers crossed!

Eyeball Bracelet

31 Days of Scares

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