GWAR: Fate Or Chaos Tour 2013 (Denver, CO.) – Yell! Magazine’s Full Concert Series

We’ve seen GWAR three times at various festivals in the last couple of years, and each time we’re superbly impressed by how good they are live. A fully entertaining act and competent musicians inspired by old-school hardcore always makes for a great concert experience. Although Oderus Urungus (Dave Brockie) has stood us up for an interview two times, we’re still going to bring you a taste of the GWAR experience — even though we should snub GWAR altogether and ban them from Yell! Magazine forever.

If you’re not a fan of GWAR, the first thing you have to understand in order to enjoy the spectacle is that it’s all for show. Aside from the business side of things, and to a certain extent the music, GWAR does not take themselves too seriously and neither should you. The costumes, the blasphemous theatrics, the vulgar delivery, the violence, the sexuality, the mythos behind the band… it’s all designed to shock and awe, and to entertain. While nothing can replace having gallons of theatrical blood, piss, shit, and cum dumped on you, or seeing Oderus’ giant swinging dong, or witnessing the various slayings of slaves, this live performance comes pretty close.

GWAR formed in 1984 and has never enjoyed mainstream acceptance, but given their relentless tour schedule, annual BBQ, and consistent album releases, they’re getting closer than ever. Most recently, a petition circulated via to get GWAR to play the halftime show at the 2015 Super Bowl — and just last month GWAR officially endorsed the petition with the following statement:

It has long been the joy of GWAR to submit the human race to any number of hideous tortures, and I can’t think of anything more horrible than you having to watch acts like The Black-Eyed Peas and Bruno Mars perform. So the temptation to ignore this is great! But then you start thinking about all of the people who have never experienced GWAR before, and will be forced to do so if we do get the gig, well, at that point my colossal mega-ego kicks in and I am all over it… I really don’t think we should be limited to playing the halftime show… I am offering GWAR as an actual team that could complete in the NFL. Think of the titanic struggle involved as the NFL submits their best players, hell, we could play against all the teams at once and still emerge victorious. For too long has the NFL ignored the obvious fact that the players should be naked, blind-folded and armed with battle axes, that land mines should litter the field and whalers should hurl harpoons randomly from the stands. GWAR is throwing our entire cosmic weight (and we are fairly hefty) behind this petition, and command all of our followers, their families, and indeed anybody who has ever existed to sign this fucking thing, and in fact for those who have already signed it to create multiple fake e-mail addresses and sign it again!

While watching this full concert, note that GWAR has a new guitarist on stage with them, Pustulus Maximus (Brent Purgason). Long time lead guitarist Flattus Maximus (Cory Smoot) passed away on November 3, 2011, due to “a coronary artery thrombosis brought about by his pre-existing coronary artery disease.”

GWAR – Fate or Chaos Tour 2013 set list:

1. Horror of Yig
2. Womb with a View
3. Madness at the Core of Time
4. Saddam a Go-Go
5. Bring Back the Bomb
6. Bloodbath
7. Krosstika
8. Metal Metal Land
9. Immortal Corrupter
10. They Swallowed the Sun
11. Let Us Slay
12. have You Seen Me?
13. Hail, Genocide!
14. War Is All We Know
15. A Short History of the End of the World
16. Rock ‘n’ Roll Never Felt So Good
17. Whargoul
18. Carry on Wayward Son
19. Sick of You

Yell! Magazine’s Concert Series brings you kick-ass live shows to get your party started right and to help you vent your Friday frustrations.

Rock Hard \m/

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