The Walking Dead – Season 4 Footage & “The Oath” Webisodes

The Walking Dead, Season 4, is less than 12 days away from premiering on October 13th. However, we completely understand if you feel like this is an eternity away. Thankfully AMC decided to bestow upon us the gift of new footage from Season 4. Unfortunately, it’s not very exciting. Ooo, Hershel talking about their losses and the tribe’s plight, in a language that’s not so coded or mysterious. Actually, what he says at the end of the clip is way too transparent: “Everything we’ve been working so hard to keep out, found its way in.” Obviously he’s not referring to zombies, so it must be the cockroaches, right?

Thankfully there’s something more interesting to feast your eyes on, and something more worthy of satisfying your TWD hunger pains. The three-part Walking Dead webisode, The Oath, was posted to YouTube yesterday, and you can catch them all here.

Don’t Open, Dead Inside

Greg Nicotero (who does special effects makeup for the show and occasionally dabbles in directing and producing) wrote, directed, and produced The Oath. The webisode stars Ashley Bell (The Day, The Last Exorcism 2), Wyatt Russell, and Ellen Greene. After a herd of “decays” overran their settlement, Paul (Russell) and Karina (Bell) are on the run to find an aid center. Unfortunately, Paul is injured and when they do find an aid center, not all is as it seems.

Notably, The Oath takes place prior to the events of Season 1 – “Don’t open, Dead inside.” It’s also interesting that Nicotero made a strong stand on the fact that you do not need to be bitten to become a zombie postmortem, which is an important detail the show itself has muddled up.

The three parts of The Oath take less than 30 minutes to watch, so sit back for a minute and unwind with some of the undead.

The Oath – Part 1

The Oath – Part 2

The Oath – Part 3

Rock Hard \m/

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