Beast: A Monster Among Men – Leaves A DVD-Size Footprint Today

beast a monster among men

As promised, we’re keeping you updated on Brain Damage Films’ Beast: A Monster Among Men. Last time we talked about the Mike Lenzini film was back in August, when the movie became available on VOD. Today, October 1st, it was released on DVD.

Beast stars TJ Lavin, of MTV’s The Challenge. Lavin is a BMX racer who has successfully competed in a number of events, including the X Games and the Dew Action Sports Tour. In the X-Games he won bronze three times, silver once, and gold three times. In addition to that, he’s been a DK Dirt Circuit Champ, a champion in the Gravity Games, a European championship winner, and a CFB Champion. After a mouthful of accolades like that, we’re pretty sure Lavin could kick the shit out of Bigfoot while riding his BMX.

But, Lavin isn’t alone in this project. His costars include Blake Farris, Darren Flores, Eric Waltzer, and Mike Lenzini.

The special features on the DVD are virtually nonexistent; the only one is a behind-the-scenes segment titled “A Gut Rot Effect.” Nonetheless, this is still something you’re going to want to check out since Bigfoot is making a big comeback.

Beast: A Monster Among Men synopsis:

Five friends head out for a week getaway to a secluded cabin just outside of the Six Rivers National Forest. When an argument forces the group apart things begin to deteriorate quickly. One by one the campers turn up dead and things are clearly not what they seem. As day breaks only two men remain – Yet what if neither man is responsible for the night’s carnage, but instead the BEAST who calls Six Rivers home…

Rock Hard \m/

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