Wanderlei Silva Gets Face To Face With Sonnen At The Mr. Olympia Expo In Las Vegas [VIDEO]

The beef is strong with former PRIDE Middleweight Champion Wanderlei Silva (35-12-1). So strong that he’s on a vicious mission with a video series dedicated to get the attention from his long-time rival Chael Sonnen (29-13-1). Usually it’s “The American Gangster” who does all the bullying in fight buildups, but this time the Brazilian is bringing the game to him, and he’s maliciously good at it.

Over the weekend at the Mr. Olympia Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, Silva took it upon himself, with the help of his entourage, to put together another video, which is identical to the first one to get under Sonnen’s skin. To Sonnen’s surprise, Wanderlei walks right up to Sonnen to confront him face to face, and it kind of turns ugly verbally. No harm was done physically since Silva is a professional that wants to finish the job inside the Octagon and destroy Sonnen in front of all his friends in Oregon. Although, Silva’s tactics are starting to be redundant, the video is still entertaining to watch. So check it out!

Silva started training again after an injury he suffered a few months ago, and Sonnen is scheduled to fight Rashad Evans (20-3-1) on November 16, 2013, at UFC 167. Regardless if Sonnen loses the battle to Evans, Silva still wants to finish their feud once and for all in January 2014.

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