Mike Mangini – “I Don’t Play At The Medium Spectrum Of My Abilities” [Interview]

Mike Mangini

Progressive metal giant, Dream Theater will released its 12th studio album on September 24, 2013. The self-titled album has already been labeled as the definitive Dream Theater album as it encompasses all of the band’s previous sounds while maintaining a forward direction. In the end, it’s sure to please any Dream Theater fan while, perhaps, attracting some new ones along the way.

Leading up to the album’s release, we had the chance to get on the horn with drummer Mike Mangini. This is only his second album with Dream Theater, the first being A Dramatic Turn of Events (2011), since Mike Portnoy’s departure. However, he was still able to shed some light on the inner workings of the band, from song writing to the recording process to performing.

If you can get past the poor sound quality, it was a phone interview, you’ll discover just how nice Mangini is as a person. It was really interesting to hear him talk about the body and mind mechanics associated with learning someone else’s material versus playing his own, and of his son’s influence on Mangini’s Dream Theater experience. Oh, and if Mangini is your hero, find out who’s poster was on his wall when he was a kid.

Enjoy the interview, and again, apologies for the poor sound, but it’s still perfectly audible.

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