Metallica: Through The Never – Twisted Metal Clip

A new clip from the Metallica movie, Through the Never, has surfaced — and it looks really good.

The other day, a DJ friend of mine (Brian Simpson at 95.7 The Rock) asked me if I was going to go see Metallica: Through the Never in IMAX this coming Friday (September 27th). I said that I wasn’t really interested in seeing a reimagining of Detroit Rock City. Thankfully he wasn’t too insulted being the huge Metallica fan that he is; he also understands that I’m a huge KISS fan, so there’s a sense of brotherhood or respect or something.

Anyway, this clip from the Metallica movie just surfaced and it actually paints a pretty good picture of what you can expect if you choose to go see this flick. First, we have Metallica performing “Fuel,” which is a questionable choice to include in the movie even if it is/was one of their most popular songs. Then we have Trip (Dane DeHaan), a Metallica roadie on an urgent mission, slamming on his brakes for a red light or something. When he’s stopped, we have a mystery teaser; who’s bloody hand print is that? The clip ends with Trip’s van getting T-boned in the intersection and some great special effects showing Trip being thrown around inside the van.

So, I think I’ll have to retract my previous statement to Brian and say that I am interested in seeing Through the Never and that it’s probably not a reimagining of DRC. It’s probably closer to KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park.

Let us know if you intend to see this movie in the comments section below.

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