[PIC] Yell This! Niagara Falling For Mandiie


We could call her a sea nymph, emerging from the mist of Niagara Falls of Ontario, but Mandiie is not a sea nymph or a mermaid or fairy or any other mythical creature. She is, however, from Niagara Falls, Ontario. Mandiie is an aspiring tattoo model with a few mountains to climb before achieving her goals. First, she’s recently been accepted to be a SuicideGirl (and you know how we feel about those gorgeous ladies), which means that once she gets her photo set completed we’ll be able to get a better glimpse of her, if you get our drift.

After that, the 23-year-old will continue her ongoing pursuits of attaining her black belt in karate and becoming a ring girl in the UFC (again, you know how we feel about those lovely ladies). We also hope that she continues her pursuit of tattoos; we’d love to see her sporting a full arm sleeve.

We have a deep admiration for anyone brave enough to chase after his or her dreams, and so, we salute you, Mandiie, for going after them. We also love the fact that you’re a totally rad chick with some awesome interests.

Special thanks go to Robert Deak and Crystal L. Duncan for letting us use their photographs.

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